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Sleep Packages

Sow the Seed

For Newborns 

3 weeks - 12 weeks

Start your little one off with a solid foundation for good sleep. For newborns we focus on the basics of healthy sleep such as good sleep hygiene, a positive sleep environment, healthy nutrition, age and developmentally appropriate routines, and practices that will help you set your child up for future sleep success. 

Nurturing Seedlings

For Babies

13 weeks - 12 months

Your baby is out of the newborn phase and ready to start sleeping like a pro. By evaluating their days and nights, we'll be able to determine their needs and implement changes appropriate for your child. 

Nurturing Blooms

For Toddlers 

13 months - 5 years

The toddler years bring new challenges. Our little babies have grown into walking, talking, opinionated children. Toddler-hood is full of changes, from a peak in separation anxiety, to the transition from crib to a big bed, introducing a sibling, to 

Lay the Soil

For Expectant Families 

As you await the arrival of  the newest member of your family, learn all you'll need to know about newborn sleep. Whether it's your first or your fifth child, get the information you'll need to set up a safe, healthy sleep environment, and establish positive habits and routines. We'll discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and ensure you're prepared for your little one's arrival. 

Home Consultations

Looking for a more hands-on experience? Learn better from seeing and doing? During our home consultations we come into your space, evaluate your child's sleep environment, assist with nap time and / or bedtime, and discuss your sleep assessment and sleep plan in person. Home Consults range from 4-hour packages to overnight assistance. 

Additional Support

Want to add more support to your existing package? ​

Have you already gone through a package but now are hitting a regression? Have some questions about how to apply your approach to a different age group? 

Take advantage of some additional support and refreshers to help your child achieve their best sleep. 

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