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Early Morning Wake-Ups

Updated: May 4, 2020

So you've finally got a good nap routine down, bedtime is falling into place, but your little one just can't stay down until 6 or 7am. While there may be a handful of children who are just naturally early risers, the majority of children can and should be encouraged to sleep through until a reasonable hour in the morning. So what can we do to help?

A Good Sleep Environment

Make sure your child's room is a comfortable temperature, quiet, and most importantly, dark.

Avoid Over-tiredness

The #1 contributor to early morning wake-ups is over-tiredness. Make sure your child is getting an age-appropriate amount of daytime sleep, and is going to bed plenty early. Moving bedtime later will not prevent early wake-ups.

Too Long / Too Early Morning Nap

If your child is still taking multiple naps per day, cap the morning nap at 1 hour, and be sure it's starting no earlier than 8:30am.

Social Interaction

Going in to check on them, or even to try to put them back to sleep will encourage early wake-ups. Try to give them some space to settle back down independently.

Help your kids get a full night sleep, and help yourself get the beauty sleep you deserve (but don't need)!

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