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Sleep Consulting

About Me

Welcome! I'm Bree and I'm a Pediatric Sleep Specialist. I have the privilege of helping families around the world find happy, healthy sleep for their children. I believe that every child is able, and deserves to have good, restorative sleep throughout their life. And I believe every mom and dad deserves that as well. But sleep is complex, and sometimes we need to make a few adjustments in order to achieve that ideal sleep. 

My philosophy revolves around using researched-based approaches in safe sleep environments. I work with you to create a plan specific to your child and family. Every baby is different - their needs, behaviors, development, responses, etc. Every family is different - their dynamics, parenting styles, views, schedules, and responsibilities. I don't preach one cure-all solution, but rather have an expertise in various methods and their adaptations. It's my job to find exactly what works for you and your child. 

Complimentary 20-min


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Sleep Consulting

Sleep Packages

From Newborns to Toddlers, our packages support the various stages of development. These include a comprehensive sleep plan tailored to your family, an initial hour consult, 2 weeks of ongoing support through phone, e-mail, and text, and additional informational tools to help you along the way to better sleep.

Home Consults

Looking for a bit more hands-on guidance? Our home consultations allow us to come into your home, evaluate your child's sleep space, discuss the plan in person, demonstrate hands-on techniques, and walk you through nap time, bedtime, or overnight.  

Add-ons and Refreshers

Feel like you need a little extra support? Hit a regression and you need a bit of a refresher? We have optional add-ons to enhance our existing packages, and quick catch-ups for returning families.


"Spencer is the best little sleeper ever! Thank you SO MUCH for your help, you have honestly changed our lives. Naps and bedtime have been such a breeze, we have a solid routine (still flexible if need be) and Spencer lets us know when he's ready.


We're all getting solid sleep and have found our feet, we couldn't have done it without you! We love and appreciate what you have done for us! "

~ Amy-Marie
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